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From the outset, we’ve sought to build LeadLabel into a customer-first company that solves real problems and delivers real results. Each member of our core team reflects that commitment. We’ve brought together people in the fields of software development, machine learning, data science and business. In addition to our core team, we also have several parttime employees and are always looking for new talent. Interested? Contact us at jobs leadlabel.com

Mark Wolkenfelt

Co Founder

“Digital business enthusiast with a venturous mindset” – Before finishing my Master at the University of Amsterdam, I founded several successful tech businesses, which extended my theoretical knowledge with useful practical experience. I learned coding in multiple languages and gained a strong interest in the online world. My graduation research, that has been published and focused on novel machine learning technologies, formed the basis for LeadLabel. Outside the digital world, I enjoy playing water polo and participated in the Dutch national championships.

Bram Delfos

Co Founder

If my friends had to describe me with one word they would say: Grit. I see opportunities where others can’t and cope well with the risk levels that come with leading a fast-growing business. Marks experience in coding and my background in engineering gave us the ability to build LeadLabel from the ground up without any outside investments. Combined with Marks design thinking skills and my experience as a strategy consultant we were able to scale fast and remain flexible. Giving us the ability to become market leader and transform the way our customers use data to gain insights.

Jan van Nederveen

Advisory board

Experienced Corporate Executive. Worked in different roles (CMO, Marketing Director, Digital Director, MD Retail, Corporate Sales etc.) and in different companies such as Delta Lloyd, Pon (Volkswagen), AirMiles, KPN and IBM. Jan has held responsibilities for CRM, Data analytics and Data Quality in large corporates and understands the value of LeadLabel for these companies.

Recognised expert in helping start-ups to cooperate with large corporates. Start-up mentor @ Rockstart and Professional management Coach. Educated @ University of Amsterdam in Business and Information Systems.

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Our current clients are among the biggest companies in the Netherlands and are mostly active in Utility, Telecom, Internet, Insurance and Banking. Interested? Contact us at contact leadlabel.com.

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