We identify outdated addresses


Leadlabel validates addresses going back up to 20 years by using AI models to predict the moment a property changed owner or tenant.

Reduce costs

Dutch companies waste over 400 million euros per year on sending direct mail to addresses where the intended recipient no longer lives.

Prevent data breaches

The majority of these mailings contain privacy sensitive data and are according to the GDPR serious data breaches that have to be reported.

Your data is safe

You do not want to share valuable company data. LeadLabel delivers all addresses and mutations to you and we never need any data in return.

The new way

The new way

Traditionally addresses were validated and updated with small sets of ‘adreswijzigingen’. Besides this it was impossible to go back in time to verify an entire database.

LeadLabel identifies all addresses changes in real time and has developed a historical database with up to 20 years of status changes.

Our service consists of two parts: a full historical check and weekly updates. Simply compare the date at which a customer provided his/her address to the most recent date a property changed owner or tenant.

Historical check

One-off update of the entire database for which we provide a hashed dataset with over 8 million records.

Realtime updates

Weekly update on all address changes in the Netherlands.

Let’s get in touch!

Our current clients are among the biggest companies in the Netherlands and are mostly active in Utility, Telecom, Internet, Insurance and Banking. Interested? Contact us at contact or connect with us on LinkedIn.