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Moving is a moment of change and therefore a moment for marketing.

Moving to a new house is a moment of change. It is the moment to reconsider your subscriptions, insurances, mortgage, energy contracts etc. Some of our clients lost up to 50% of their moving customers to competitors.

For these businesses, we have developed machine learning models to predict all the key phases in the property selling process. This enables businesses to optimize their marketing efforts at the right moment, increasing conversion rates and reducing churn.

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Next generation insights

Traditional data suppliers have a limited view of the moving market and often act late in the process. Some even buy and sell data from real estate agents without consent.

LeadLabel identifies all properties and provides insights into the entire journey, all while being GDPR compliant.


LeadLabel predicts every relevant phase in the property selling process for over 95% of all properties.

Property insights

Using Big Data analytics, we cover all property changes in the Netherlands.

Know it first

We use sophisticated AI models to predict all key moments in the property market.

GDPR proof

We only use techniques which are GDPR proof (validated by law firm SOLV).

Our current clients are among the biggest companies in the Netherlands and are mostly active in Utility, Telecom, Internet, Insurance and Banking.

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