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Smart Data

We developed self learning software to prepare our data for the prediction models. These smart tools learn what is important over time and use that to adjust their strategy, making it both smarter and more efficient.

GDPR compliant

Our unique way of gaining insights based upon cutting edge AI models, made us compliant with the latest GDPR legislation. We are vetted by SOLV, one of the leading privacy law firms in the Netherlands.

AI to create AI

Based on recent research published by Google, LeadLabel has created an AI that drives AI. Adding this upper layer to control our core AI programs ensures that we can rapidly gain insights from data on a superhuman level.

AI driven insights for all Dutch properties

Moving is a moment of change and a potential opportunity for marketing. By predicting all the key phases in the property selling process, our clients can select addresses at the right moment to enhance sales and reduce churn.

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AI driven address validation

Moving is one of the primary reasons for an outdated database. We go back 20 years to predict the latest date a property changed owner or tenant, so you can validate your customers addresses. This ensures compliance with GDPR article 5 (d) and reduces costs.

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AI driven Real Estate intelligence

A new, more precise way to invest in commercial and residential real estate. Using our proprietary software and data our clients outperform real estate investment benchmarks.

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Custom projects

Ready to transform your company? Use our proprietary data infrastructure in combination with AI software, to outperform your competition. Possible cases: Churn prediction, AI driven data collection pipelines and custom prediction models.

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Our current clients are among the biggest companies in the Netherlands and are mostly active in Utility, Telecom, Internet, Insurance and Banking. Interested? Contact us at contact leadlabel.com.

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